In contrary to normal practices, DMC adopted a system of being active in both countries (Turkey and the Philippines) rather than only the foreign country of representation.

       The purpose of this is to create a chain in which the requirements and information coming from the procuring entities / end users can be filtered and properly conveyed to the manufacturer in Turkey, and vice versa, the strategies and information provided from the manufacturer can also be properly conveyed to the entities in the Philippines.

       That is why the representation formula of DMC is to have presence and be active in both Turkey and the Philippines. Therefore, nothing gets lost in translation and at the same time there is constant communication between the manufacturer and the end user / buyer.


Established in 2010, DMC Defense Marketing & Consulting Ltd. (DMC) is a representation and consulting company specialized in the field of defense and located in Ankara / Turkey.
The mission of the company is to support the export of Turkish defense industry products and services by targeting export markets.
We initially targeted the Republic of Philippines because no Turkish defense company was active there.
In 2010, we went to the Philippines to identify the potential of the Philippine market and our first visited was realized.
We have local partners working with us in the Philippines. They are all experienced in procurement procedures and have excellent relations with the procurement entities.
Our greatest ambition and desire are to increase our participation in the modernization projects of the Philippines and achieve mutual success with the companies we represent.